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We’re Hiring: Tech Lead

Who we are looking for

Dreaming and loving technology – two traits we value. You want to shape the world and so do we. We are looking for interesting and talented people.

If you are passionate and take immense pride in your work, we want to meet you.

If you are a team player as well as have the ability to independently figure it out, we want to meet you.

If you believe that experience is the best teacher, we want to meet you.

If you strongly believe you can change the world then we definitely want to meet you.


– We expect this to be a hands-on job of architecting, designing, building and integrating software in a small team environment, working in a completely independent manner

– You will be part of the core team and will be expected to build and nurture the technology team


– Experience in building compelling web applications

– Experience in developing large scale distributed web applications using the latest technologies

– Experience in developing with Django, Python, or Ruby

– Strong interest in product design and building irresistible user interface

– Expert in both front end and backend web technologies

– Candidates from pedigreed institutes and/or blue chip technology firms will be preferred


– As per industry standards and experience

– Stock grants for outstanding candidates


Interested candidates send your resume to talk[at]addsale[dot]com

State of Indian Retail

Seen against the back drop of FDI in Multi Brand Retail being debated and eventually being passed by both houses of parliament, the retail industry has had a challenging year and it is going to be more challenging in 2013.

The year opened with most retailers announcing their “Sale” from the first week of January itself. This could mean two things – they did not meet their year end sales targets and are carrying more merchandise than they would like further the new stock has started arriving in their warehouses and that they need to liquidate their old stock.

State of Indian Retail

Heavy and extended discounts given by all retailers before the new season starts.

The other more charitable explanation is that Indian retailers are learning quickly from their Western counterparts, who also go on sale in January. (Westside however have always started their Sale in early Jan)

Harrods has been going on sale from 1st January itself when people que up outside the Knights Bridge store straight after the New Year celebrations and are served tea and sandwiches by the Harrods management.

No Chai and Samosa for the Indian customers, but they are lapping up the generous discounts being offered by the retail stores.

Let’s get back to why retailers need to go on Sale.

Merchandise is bought by humans who have the difficult task of forecasting demand six to twelve months before the season begins!
Many of them however, hide behind their computers and do not visit the shop floor to interact with their customers or sales associates. They and their companies pay a heavy price for their arrogance.

Life as they say does not go as per plan. Retail sales in South Delhil saw a dip in business because of the tragic incident (16 Dec onwards). Retail Sale also reflects the mood of the people.

So while it is almost impossible to forecast such incidents and the mood swings of the people, technology has been evolving and analytics can, if used sensibly, help retailers better forecast their requirement and thereby reduce the huge quantities of unsold stock at the end of the season.

What then is Analytics……see my blog next week.

Ashish J Sanyal, AMP Retail

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